Welcome to the site for the UK Pinckney Family. There are now separate lists for each of the known family lines plus each one has the same information in chart form. There is a list for recent changes so you can see if anyone you are interested in has had their information changed since you last looked. There is also an 'Unknown' list, this is for people who have not yet been linked to one of the known trees, if you can help me with linking these people I would be very grateful. Enjoy the site, feel free to get in contact if there is anything you want to know or anything you can help me with.

Each person on this site has their own unique id, if you know the person you are interested in then just enter their number here and click on 'Go'

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The Diaries of Samuel Pepys

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Below is the list of 12 distinct trees I have so far identified. Hopefully I will be able to join them all up eventually.