These are people who have turned up in searches and who have been listed as Pinckneys. However, following further investigation it has been proven that Pinckney was a typing or transcription error and they are in fact Pinkneys. These are mainly based on census records where I have no record of births, deaths or marriages and normally subsequent censuses have shown them to be correctly recorded as Pinkney.
Frances M  b. 1857
Mary Ann  b. 1837
Sarah  b. 1857
Albert E  b. 1881, d. 1959
Alfred  b. 1876
Alice  b. 1872
Alice  b. 1880
Ann  b. 1869
Arthur  b. 1873
Clara  b. 1887
Eleanor  b. 1864
Emily Charlotte  b. 1870
Harriet  b. 1870
James  b. 1838
James  b. 1860, d. 1942
James Edmund  b. 1862
James Richard  b. 1885
Joseph  b. 1822, d. a 5 Apr 1891
Laura Jane  b. 1874, d. 1875
Margaret  b. 1881
Margaret K  b. 1819
Matilda Mary  b. 25 Aug 1825
Minnie  b. 1879
Richard  b. 1855
Richard G  b. Mar 1881
Thomas  b. 1831