Robert Pinckney

Male, Person Number195, b. July 1754, d. 28 January 1807
Relationships3rd great-uncle of George Pinckney
Uncle of Aaron Pinckney
6th great-grandson of Thomas Pynkeney
18th great-grandson of Guermond Picquigni
2nd great-nephew of Roger Pinckney I
1st cousin 4 times removed of Philip Pinckney
FatherWilliam Pinckney b. 1711, d. 19 Oct 1779
MotherSarah Warner b. 1716, d. 15 Mar 1756
ChartsRobert Pinckney
Thomas Pynkeney

Birth, Marriages and Death

Birth*Jul 1754Robert Pinckney was born in Jul 1754. 
He was the son of William Pinckney and Sarah Warner
Christening10 Jul 1754Robert Pinckney was christened on 10 Jul 1754 at Great Bedwin, Trowbridge, England,
Christening6 Aug 1754He was christened on 6 Aug 1754 at Burbage, England, ; Note from transcription. received in church: no baptism found. 
Marriage*15 Aug 1790He married Sarah Symonds on 15 Aug 1790 at St Benet and St Paul, Gracechurch, England, ; Robert Pinckney of the church of St Peter in
the town of Marlborough in the country of Wilts
a bachelor and Sarah Symonds of the church of
St Leonard Eastcheap London Spinster were married
in this church by Licence this fifteenth day of
August One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety
by me George Heales, minister.
Marriage*5 Jun 1800Robert Pinckney married Mary (?) on 5 Jun 1800 at St Mary, Marlborough, England, ; Wife previously married, she was a widow. 
Death*28 Jan 1807Robert Pinckney died on 28 Jan 1807 at Marlborough, England, , at age 52; Wiltshire Memorial Inscription Index. 
Burial*5 Feb 1807He was buried on 5 Feb 1807 at St Peter & St Paul Church, Marlborough, England,

Other Information

Occupation*12 Aug 1769Robert Pinckney was Apprentice Apothecarey

This Indenture Witnesseth, That Robert Pinckney third son of William Pinckney of the parish of Wooton River of the county of Wilts Gent with the consent of his said father doth put himself Apprentice to Thomas Warner of Marlborough in the said county Surgeon and Apothecarey to learn his art, and with him after the manner of an Apprentice so serve from the day of ????? unto the full End and term of ?? Years from thence next ensuing, and fully to be complete and ended during which Term the said Apprentice his Master faithfully shall or will serve, his secrets keep,his lawful commands every where gladly do; he shall do no damage to his said Master nor see it be done of others, but to his Power shall let or forthwith give Notice to his said Master of the same. The Goods of his said Master he shall not waste nor the same without Licence of him to any give or lend. Hurt to his said Master he shall not do, cause or procure to be done; he shall neither buy nor sell without his Master's Licence. Taverns, Inns or Alehouses he shall not haunt. At Cards, Dice, Tables, or any other unlawful Game he shall not play.

nor from the Service of his said Master Day nor Night absent himself, but in all things as an honest and faithful Apprentice shall and will demean and behave himself toward his said Master and all his during the said Term. And the said Thomas Warner ????????? doth hereby acknowledge the said Apprentice in the Art of Surgeon and Apothecarey which he now useth shall teach and instruct, or cause to be taught and instructed, the best Way and Manner that he can , finding and allowing unto his said Apprentice sufficient Meat, Drink, Lodging and all other necessaries during the said Term.

And for the true Performance of all and every the Covenants and Agreements aforesaid, either of the said parties bindeth himself to the other firmly by these presents. In witness whereof the parties abovesaid to these indentures interchangeably have set their Hands and Seal the Twelfth Day of August in the Nineth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George The Third by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender Of The Faith, and in the Year of our Lord 1769.

N.B. The Indenture, Covenant, Article or Contract must bear Date the Day it is executed; and what Money or other Thing is given or contracted for with the Clerk or Apprentice, must be inserted in Words at length; and the duty paid to the stamp office, if in London, or within the Weekly Bills of Mortality, within two months, to a distributor of the Stamps or his substitute; otherwise the Indenture will be void, the Master or Mistress forfeit fifty pounds, and another penalty, and the Apprentice will be disabled to follow his Trade or be made Free.

Signed Robert Pinckney on 12 Aug 1769.
Event-Misc*1786He was an Apothecary & Surgeon and took on apprentice, Georce C Jenner in 1786 at Marlborough, England,
Note*5 May 1796He had a Licence issued at Marlborough St Peter & Paul. Housekeeper. Hair Powder Tax Transcriptions, on 5 May 1796. 
Event-Misc4 Jun 1798He was present at the inquest of Thomas ANDREWS aged 17 years, son of John. Wheel from waggon belonging to John HALCOMB in Mildenhall, fell on his head, brought to Marlborough where he died. Also mentioned: Robert PINCKNEY surgeon, on 4 Jun 1798 at Marlborough, England,

Children of Robert Pinckney and Sarah Symonds

Children 1.James Henry Pinckney+ b. 3 Mar 1793, d. 1871
 2.Jane Pinckney b. 13 Mar 1796
 3.Amelia Pinckney b. 7 Apr 1799

Child of Robert Pinckney and Mary (?)

Child 1.Robert Pinckney b. 1805, d. 1880
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