Catherine Pinckney

Female, Person Number2441, b. 21 June 1786
RelationshipDaughter of Giles Pinckney
ChartsGiles Pinckney
Birth*21 Jun 1786Catherine Pinckney was born on 21 Jun 1786 at Church of St Thomas Aquinas, Stella, Ryton, Durham, England,
She was the daughter of Giles Pinckney and Hannah White
Married Name3 Dec 1815 As of 3 Dec 1815,her married name was Catherine Dunn. 
Marriage*3 Dec 1815Catherine Pinckney married John Dunn on 3 Dec 1815 at Ryton, Northumberland, England,


John Dunn b. c 1787
Children 1.William Dunn b. 1819
 2.Mary Ann Dunn b. 1825
 3.Giles Dunn b. 1827
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