Heidi Englehardt

Female, Person Number1165, b. 1881, d. 1968
Birth*1881Heidi Englehardt was born in 1881. 
Married Name1899 As of 1899,her married name was Pinckney. 
Marriage*1899She married William Percy Pinckney, son of William Pinckney and Frances Charlotte Everett, in 1899. 
Name Variation1968 As of 1968, Heidi Englehardt was also known as Hedy O M from Death Registration.1 
Death*1968She died in 1968 at Winchester, Hampshire, England, ; jan-feb-mar 6b 1070.1 


William Percy Pinckney b. 25 Sep 1868, d. 1955
Children 1.Dr Charles Percy Pinckney F.R.C.P.+ b. 28 Apr 1901, d. 1982
 2.Gerald Henry Pinckney+ b. 11 Oct 1904, d. 10 May 1999
Last Edited25 Apr 2010


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