William Pinckney

Male, Person Number180, b. 12 September 1834, d. 19 September 1908
William Pinckney
1834 - 1908
RelationshipsFather of George Pinckney
2nd great-nephew of Robert Pinckney
9th great-grandson of Thomas Pynkeney
21st great-grandson of Guermond Picquigni
5th great-nephew of Roger Pinckney I
1st cousin 6 times removed of Philip Pinckney
OccupationWilliam Pinckney was Major, 1st Wiltshire Rifle Volunteers at Wiltshire, England,
Birth*12 Sep 1834He was born on 12 Sep 1834 at West Amesbury, Wiltshire, England,
He was the son of Robert Pinckney and Frances Smith Pinckney
Christening7 Nov 1834William Pinckney was christened on 7 Nov 1834 at Amesbury, Wiltshire, England,
Census1841*6 Jun 1841Heappeared in the 1841 census at Amesbury, Wiltshire, England, ; HO 107 / 1165 / 2.1
Education*25 Feb 1853He was educated on 25 Feb 1853 at Exeter College, Oxford University, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, ; Matriculated. 
Education1857He was educated in 1857 at Exeter College, Oxford University, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, ; B.A. 
Education1859He was educated in 1859 at Exeter College, Oxford University, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, ; M.A. 
Occupationcirca 1860He was Manager circa 1860 at Pinckney's Bank, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England,
Marriage*5 Feb 1863He married Frances Charlotte Everett, daughter of Reverand G F Everett, on 5 Feb 1863 at Shaw Church, Newbury, England, ; Rev C H Everett
Rev R Pinckney
jan-feb-mar 2c 303.2
Occupation*3 Apr 1881William Pinckney was Banker J P For County Of Wiltshire on 3 Apr 1881 at Wiltshire, England,
Census1881*3 Apr 1881He was listed as head of household in the 1881 census at Milford Hill, Britford, Wiltshire, England, ; RG 11 / 2070.1
Occupation5 Apr 1891He was Banker on 5 Apr 1891. 
Census1891*5 Apr 1891He was listed as head of household in the 1891 census at Milford Hill House, Milford, Wiltshire, England, ; RG 12 / 1618.1
Census1901*31 Mar 1901He was listed as head of household in the 1901 census at Milford Hill House, Milford Hill, Wiltshire, England, ; RG 13 / 1952.
Occupation31 Mar 1901He was Banker on 31 Mar 1901. 
Death*19 Sep 1908He died on 19 Sep 1908 at Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, , at age 74; jul-aug-sep 5a 95.3
Burial*21 Sep 1908He was buried on 21 Sep 1908 at London Road Cemetery, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, ; Section L Grave 75. 
Anecdote*Taken from Wiltshire Leaders: Social and Political

Few positions in life can have been more enviable than that of an English banker of the old school. By birth and education allied to the landed gentry, sharing their persuits and sports, and, at the same time, the acknowkledged heads of the commercial interests of the various country towns they held great influence in both spheres, and did much to secure the harmonious working of conflicting elements. As townsmen there were no positions of dignity to which they could not aspire, while the amenities of the cultured social life of the country side were equally at their command. William Pinckney, Esq., M.A., J.P., is a notable example is this fine type of an old English gentleman, which the combined amalgamation of business is doing much to modify. The son of Robert Pinckney,Esq., in 1857 he became partner in the old banking house of Pinckney Bros., Salisbury, founded 1810; he was born in 1834 in West Amesbury. He received a liberal education at the famous school of Eton, and proceeded to Exeter College, Oxford, at which ancient University he took his degree of M.A. in 1859. He married, in 1863, Frances, daughter of the Rev, G.F.Everett, Rector of Shaw, near Newbury, by whom he has three sons and three daughters. George, the eldest, born in 1863, married, in 1893, Edith Howard, daughter of C.G.Tripp, Esq., of Orari Gorge, New Zealand.

Mr Pinckney was a partner in the Salisbury Old Bank till it's amalgamation with the Wilts and Dorset Banking Company, of which he is a director. Naturally no commercial enterprise in Salisbury was fairly equipped for success without his patronage and assistance, and he is still a Director of the Electric Lighting Co., of the Swimming Baths and the Coffee House Company.

From his earliest entry into public life Mr. Pinckney has by his voice, his influence and his personal services, upheld the old constitutional cause in Salisbury. For twenty-five years he was chairman, and is now Vice-President of the Conservative Working Men's Association; while in the county he acts as treasurer for Wilton Conservative Association. He is an attached churchman and a warm supporter of all philanthropic movements, being the energetic Treasurer of the Salisbury Infirmary and several similar institutions, and a much valued County Magistrate.

Notwithstanding his many commercial and public engagements, Mr. Pinckney has always kept up the reputation he won in early life as an athlete when, after two years in the Eton eight he was for three years in the Oxford eight, and president in 1856. He was also in the football eleven at Eton, and for twelve years the Secretary of the Wilton Hunt. The Salisbury Wilts Rifle Volunteers had for more than eleven years no more popular officer than Major Pinckney. Such a career, with its varied interests may seem somewhat complex in this bare recital, but it is all practically contained in Tennyson's well-known lines:

"And so he bore, without abuse,
The grand old name of gentleman." 


Frances Charlotte Everett b. 1836, d. 9 May 1921
Children 1.George Pinckney+ b. 16 Nov 1863, d. 13 Mar 1948
 2.Herbert Pinckney+ b. 12 Nov 1864, d. 1952
 3.Frances Beatrice Pinckney+ b. 28 Feb 1866, d. 1946
 4.William Percy Pinckney+ b. 25 Sep 1868, d. 1955
 5.Violet Millicent Pinckney b. 11 Mar 1871, d. 1955
 6.Elsie Constance Pinckney b. 15 Oct 1872
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