Mary Ann Pincaney

Female, Person Number2254, b. 29 October 1882, d. after September 1947
RelationshipGreat-granddaughter of Henry Pinckney
ChartsHenry Pinckney
Name Variation Mary Ann Pincaney was also known as Marianna. 
Birth*29 Oct 1882She was born on 29 Oct 1882 at 1 Cushen's Court, French Street, Southampton, Southampton, England,
She was the daughter of William Henry Goodhead Pincaney and Alice Maria Bennett
Baptism3 Dec 1882Mary Ann Pincaney was baptized on 3 Dec 1882 at St Joseph's Church, Bugle Street, Southampton, Southampton, England, ; Priest Danielle Spillane, Godfather Isaac Pincaney, Godmother Maria Pey. 
Name Variation5 Apr 1891 As of 5 Apr 1891, Mary Ann Pincaney was also known as Polley 1891 census. 
Census1891*5 Apr 1891She appeared in the 1891 census at 9 Cushens Court, Southampton, Southampton, England, ; RG 12 / 917.1
Married Name19 Jan 1906 As of 19 Jan 1906,her married name was Hayes. 
Address*19 Jan 1906 As of 19 Jan 1906, Mary Ann Pincaney lived at 7 Spa Road, Southampton, Southampton, England.  
Marriage*19 Jan 1906She married George Henry Hayes on 19 Jan 1906 at The Registry Office, Southampton, Southampton, England,
Death*after Sep 1947Mary Ann Pincaney died after Sep 1947. 
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