Nausicaa Goldsmith

Female, Person Number1992, b. 14 August 1913, d. 2003
Birth*14 Aug 1913Nausicaa Goldsmith was born on 14 Aug 1913. 
She was the daughter of Admiral Sir Lennon Goldsmith
Name Variation1958 As of 1958, Nausicaa Goldsmith was also known as Nausicaa Byard From marriage registry. Assume by a previous marriage. 
Married Name1958 As of 1958,her married name was Nausicaa Pinckney. 
Marriage*1958She married Roger Arthur Philip Pinckney, son of Robert Arthur Pinckney and Evelyn Emma Pinckney, in 1958 at New Forest, England, ; jan-feb-mar 6b 885.1
Death*2003Nausicaa Goldsmith died in 2003. 
Name Variation2003 As of 2003, Nausicaa Goldsmith was also known as Elizabeth Nausicaa M From Death Registry. 
Last Edited21 Aug 2012


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