Ann Coop

Female, Person Number1269, b. 1684, d. after 1711
Birth*1684Ann Coop was born in 1684. 
Married Name29 May 1705 As of 29 May 1705,her married name was Pinckney. 
Marriage*29 May 1705She married Sentlo Pinckney, son of Sentloe Pinckney and Hanna Cow, on 29 May 1705. 
Death*after 1711Ann Coop died after 1711. 
Married Name12 Nov 1711 As of 12 Nov 1711,her married name was Everingham. 
Marriage*12 Nov 1711She married John Everingham on 12 Nov 1711. 


Sentlo Pinckney b. 1684, d. c 1710
Children 1.Robert Pinckney b. 1706
 2.Sentloe Pinckney b. 1707
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