Jemima Pinckney

Female, Person Number2689, b. circa 1741
Relationships4th cousin 4 times removed of George Pinckney
4th cousin 1 time removed of Robert Pinckney
6th great-granddaughter of Thomas Pynkeney
18th great-granddaughter of Guermond Picquigni
2nd cousin 2 times removed of Roger Pinckney I
Great-granddaughter of Philip Pinckney
ChartsPhilip Pinckney
Thomas Pynkeney
Birth*circa 1741Jemima Pinckney was born circa 1741 at United States of America
She was the daughter of Thomas Pinckney and Elizabeth Chappel
Note*circa 1760Jemima Pinckney Married Thomas Ward circa 1760. 
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