Leona Pinckney

Female, Person Number2483, b. February 1893, d. March 1992
Leona Pinckney
1893 - 1992
Relationship2nd great-granddaughter of Joseph Pinckney
ChartsJoseph Pinckney
Birth*Feb 1893Leona Pinckney was born in Feb 1893. 
She was the daughter of Thomas Pinckney and Laura A Walling
Married Namecirca 1909 As of circa 1909,her married name was Leona Gray. 
Marriage*circa 1909Leona Pinckney married Bernard Gray circa 1909. 
Death*Mar 1992Leona Pinckney died in Mar 1992 at age 99. 


Bernard Gray b. 11 Aug 1885, d. Sep 1969
Children 1.Wilbur Gray b. 25 Dec 1909, d. 30 May 1988
 2.Donna Gray
 3.Bettina Gray
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