Elizabeth A Pinckney

Female, Person Number2295, b. 1876
Elizabeth A Pinckney
1876 - c1950
Relationship2nd great-granddaughter of Joseph Pinckney
ChartsJoseph Pinckney
Birth*1876Elizabeth A Pinckney was born in 1876 at New Hampshire, United States of America
She was the daughter of Thomas Pinckney and Laura A Walling
Name Variation1880 As of 1880, Elizabeth A Pinckney was also known as Lizzie Pinkney U.S. census. 
Married Namecirca 1900 As of circa 1900,her married name was Smith. 
Marriage*circa 1900She married (?) Smith circa 1900. 


(?) Smith b. c 1870
Children 1.Ethel Smith
 2.Arthur Smith
 3.George Smith
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