Roger Pinckney

Male, Person Number2105, b. 1652, d. 1729
Relationships1st cousin 6 times removed of George Pinckney
2nd cousin 3 times removed of Robert Pinckney
4th great-grandson of Thomas Pynkeney
16th great-grandson of Guermond Picquigni
2nd cousin of Roger Pinckney I
1st cousin 1 time removed of Philip Pinckney
ChartsThomas Pynkeney
Birth*1652Roger Pinckney was born in 1652. 
He was the son of Sampson Pinckney and Alice (?)
Baptism24 Jan 1652Roger Pinckney was baptized on 24 Jan 1652 at Durrington, Wiltshire, England,
Marriage*20 Mar 1681He married Anne Allen on 20 Mar 1681 at Durrington, Wiltshire, England,
Death*1729Roger Pinckney died in 1729. 
Burial*24 Oct 1729He was buried on 24 Oct 1729 at Durrington, Wiltshire, England,


Anne Allen b. c 1655, d. 1714
Children 1.Sampson Pinckney b. 1683
 2.Roger Pinckney b. 1684, d. a 1734
 3.Robert Pinckney+ b. 1686, d. a 1721
 4.William Pinckney b. 1689, d. a 1734
 5.Anne Pinckney b. 1691, d. c 1729
 6.Alice Pinckney b. 1693
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