John Pinckney

Male, Person Number1708, b. 16 October 1814, d. 24 April 1901
RelationshipGrandson of Joseph Pinckney
ChartsJoseph Pinckney
Birth*16 Oct 1814John Pinckney was born on 16 Oct 1814 at Peter Street, Middlesex, England, .1
He was the son of Thomas Pinckney and Mary Ann Bataille
Baptism6 Nov 1814John Pinckney was baptized on 6 Nov 1814 at St Botolph Church, Bishopsgate, Middlesex, England, .1 
(Witness) Marriage30 Oct 1838He witnessed the marriage of William Moody and Sarah Pinckney on 30 Oct 1838 at St Botolph Church, Bishopsgate, Middlesex, England, ; oct-nov-dec 2 / 185.2,3
Census1841*6 Jun 1841He was listed as head of household in the 1841 census at 11 Elder Street, Norton Folgate, London, England, ; HO 107 / 701 / 15.4
Occupation6 Jun 1841John Pinckney was Trimming Maker on 6 Jun 1841. 
Address*15 May 1842 As of 15 May 1842, John Pinckney lived at North Street, England. 2 
Occupation*15 May 1842He was Trimming Maker on 15 May 1842.2 
Marriage*15 May 1842He married Martha Anne Banks, daughter of John Banks, on 15 May 1842 at St John the Baptist Church, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England, ; apr-may-jun 2 306.2,3
Occupation10 Jan 1851John Pinckney was Trimming Maker on 10 Jan 1851.5 
Address10 Jan 1851 As of 10 Jan 1851, John Pinckney lived at 10 Grey Eagle Street, Christ Church, Middlesex, England. 5 
Occupation30 Mar 1851He was Trimming Maker on 30 Mar 1851. 
Census1851*30 Mar 1851He was listed as head of household in the 1851 census at 10 Grey Eagle Street, Christchurch, Spitalfields, Middlesex, England, ; HO 107 / 1543.4
Occupation10 Mar 1855He was Fancy Trimming Maker
Daughter Elizabeth's birth certificate on 10 Mar 1855. 
(Witness) Death18 Sep 1857He witnessed the death of Joseph Pinckney on 18 Sep 1857 at 42 Spicer Street, Mile End New Town, Whitechapel, Middlesex, England, ; jul-aug-sep 1c 248
Debility from birth.6,7
Address18 Sep 1857 As of 18 Sep 1857, John Pinckney lived at 42 Spicer Street, Mile End New Town, England.  
Occupation18 Sep 1857He was Trimming Weaver on 18 Sep 1857. 
Census1861*7 Apr 1861He was listed as head of household in the 1861 census at 42 Spicer Street, Whitechapel, England, ; RG 9 / 267.4
Occupation7 Apr 1861He was Trimming Maker on 7 Apr 1861. 
Occupation26 May 1867He was Trimming Maker
Daughter Caroline's marriage certificate on 26 May 1867. 
Occupation2 Apr 1871He was Weaver on 2 Apr 1871. 
Census1871*2 Apr 1871He was listed as head of household in the 1871 census at 7 Scott Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England, ; RG 10 / 492.4
Address13 Oct 1874 As of 13 Oct 1874, John Pinckney lived at 7 Scott Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England. 6 
(Witness) Death30 Oct 1874He witnessed the death of Martha Anne Banks on 30 Oct 1874 at 7 Scott Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England, ; oct-nov-dec, 1c 217
(Witness) Marriage5 Jul 1876John Pinckney witnessed the marriage of Fanny Jupe and John H Pinckney on 5 Jul 1876 at St Bartholomew Parish Church, Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England, ; jul-aug-sep 1c 415.2,3
Census1881*3 Apr 1881He was listed as head of household in the 1881 census at 17 Allars Road, Mile End Old Town, Middlesex, England, ; RG 11 / 480.4
Occupation3 Apr 1881John Pinckney was Silk Weaver on 3 Apr 1881. 
Event-Misc22 Jun 1883He was Huguenot Society Records
"regd. Oct 6, Class C; endorsed Entered Infirmary and Windsor Gratuity Withdrawn January 1895. Died April 1901.
(a) i. John Pinckney, 17 Allas Road, Mile End, par. Mile End New Town, Widower, Son of Thomas Pinckney who resided at 7 Horse Shoe Alley and Mary Ann Pinckney;
ii. Oct. 16, 1814, 7 Horse shoe Alley;
iii. On Mother's side who was the daughter of Peter Bataille a former inmate of the hospital No. 1168;
iv. formerly a Trimming Weaver as Journeyman, now supported by his daughter;
v. Old age and not able to work.
vi. baptismal certificate of John son of Thomas & Mary Bataille 2nd Decr 1809, St, Mary Newington, Surrey; do. of John Pinckney & Martha Banks 15th May 1842, St. John the Baptist Hoxton; Certificate of Death of Martha Ann Pinckney." on 22 Jun 1883. 
Event-Misc*1 Nov 1884He was Huguenot Society Records
"There being a vacancy on the men's side...Thos. Nay... and John Pinckney Widower aged 69 attended... The latter not being considered eligible it was resolved to defer filling the Vacancy" on 1 Nov 1884. 
Event-Misc12 Jan 1895He was Huguenot Society Records
"John Pinckney...having been received into the Parish Infirmary his petition was withdrawn. The Windsor Gratuity formerly given him was transferred." on 12 Jan 1895. 
Name Variation24 Apr 1901 As of 24 Apr 1901, John Pinckney was also known as Pinkney Error on death certificate. 
Death*24 Apr 1901He died on 24 Apr 1901 at Workhouse, Bethnal Green, London, England, , at age 86.6
Address24 Apr 1901 As of 24 Apr 1901, John Pinckney lived at 25 Medhurst Road, England. 6 


Martha Anne Banks b. 5 Sep 1818, d. 30 Oct 1874
Children 1.Martha Pinckney b. c 1843, d. a 1861
 2.Mary Ann Elizabeth Pinckney b. 1846, d. a 1881
 3.Caroline Louise Pinckney+ b. 16 Aug 1848, d. 20 Sep 1924
 4.John H Pinckney+ b. 14 Dec 1850, d. 1929
 5.Elizabeth Pinckney+ b. 10 Mar 1855, d. 1895
 6.Joseph Pinckney b. 4 Sep 1857, d. 18 Sep 1857
 7.Christopher Pinckney b. 1861
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