Thomas Pinckney

Male, Person Number1702, b. 16 February 1789, d. 24 March 1833
Relationships3rd great-grandfather of John Michael Pinckney
Grandson of Joseph Pinckney
FatherJoseph Pinckney b. 1759, d. 8 Dec 1798
MotherHannah Brees b. c 1765, d. b 21 May 1799
ChartsJoseph Pinckney of Yorkshire

Birth, Marriages and Death

Birth*16 Feb 1789Thomas Pinckney was born on 16 Feb 1789 at England, ; Date taken from baptism record. 
He was the son of Joseph Pinckney and Hannah Brees
Baptism14 Jun 1789Thomas Pinckney was baptized on 14 Jun 1789 at St. George the Martyr, Southwark, England, .1
Marriage*2 Dec 1809He married Mary Ann Bataille, daughter of Pierre Bataille, on 2 Dec 1809 at St Mary, Newington, England, .2
Death*24 Mar 1833Thomas Pinckney died on 24 Mar 1833 at age 44.3

Other Information

Addressbetween Oct 1810 and Nov 1822 As of between Oct 1810 and Nov 1822, Thomas Pinckney lived at 9 Peter Street, England.  
Occupation*between Oct 1810 and Apr 1833He was Trimming Maker / Weaver between Oct 1810 and Apr 1833. 
Event-Misc*May 1812He was Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t18120513-52

William Howis was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 7th of April, thirty-six yards of fancy trimming, value 18s, the property of Thomas Pinckney. And Thomas Lee for feloniously receiving the said goods, he knowing them to have been stolen.

Thomas Pinckney. I live at No. 7, Horse-shoe-alley, Wilson-street, Moorfields. I am a fancy-trimming manufacturer. Howis was my servant, to carry out goods to my customers. I had put the trimmings by in a drawer, because the season of the year did not allow them colours to be wore. They were scarlet and blue. After I had seen them in the drawer I missed them. From suspicion, I had Howis apprehended; and, at the watchhouse, he confessed that he took them, and sold them to Mr. Lee.

Samuel Wesley. I apprehended Howis. He confessed he took nine pieces of trimmings, and sold them to Mr. Lee. I went to Mr. Lee, and gave him the warrant to read: he produced the trimmings. He said he had bought them of the boy, Howis.

Howis, GUILTY, aged 12.

Judgement respited.


London Jury, before Mr. Recorder. in May 1812 at The Old Bailey, London, England,
Address*between Jun 1824 and Apr 1833 As of between Jun 1824 and Apr 1833, Thomas Pinckney lived at Horse Shoe Alley, Shoreditch, England.  

Children of Thomas Pinckney and Mary Ann Bataille

Children 1.Mary Ann Pinckney b. 18 Oct 1810
 2.Ann Pinckney b. 29 Jun 1812
 3.Thomas Pinckney+ b. 11 Sep 1813, d. 30 Nov 1855
 4.John Pinckney+ b. 16 Oct 1814, d. 24 Apr 1901
 5.Mary Cinthealar Pinckney b. 24 Dec 1815
 6.Sarah Pinckney+ b. 8 Jun 1817
 7.William Pinckney b. 9 May 1819, d. b 18 May 1821
 8.Joseph Pinckney+ b. 23 Feb 1820, d. 21 Nov 1866
 9.William Henry Pinckney b. 18 May 1821, d. 1879
 10.James Pinckney b. 3 Nov 1822, d. b 27 Feb 1833
 11.Caroline Pinckney b. 27 Jun 1824, d. c Apr 1826
 12.Louisa Pinckney b. 17 Aug 1825, d. b 15 Jun 1830
 13.Caroline Martha Pinckney b. 29 Dec 1827
 14.Louisa Pinckney b. 15 Jun 1830
 15.James Pinckney b. 27 Feb 1833


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