Elizabeth Sweits

Female, Person Number1671, b. 1771, d. 18 May 1800
Name Variation Elizabeth Sweits was also known as Betty Swait Family Tree 1879. 
Birth*1771She was born in 1771. 
Married Name1795 As of 1795,her married name was Pinckney. 
Marriage*5 May 1795She married David Hearne Pinckney, son of William Pinckney and Mary Hearne, on 5 May 1795 at Great Bedwin, Wiltshire, England,
Death*18 May 1800Elizabeth Sweits died on 18 May 1800. 
Burial*26 May 1800She was buried on 26 May 1800 at St Mary the Virgin Church, Great Bedwin, Wiltshire, England, ; Memorial
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