Colonel Charles Pinckney

Male, Person Number1528, b. 13 August 1699, d. 12 July 1758
Relationship2nd great-grandson of Leonard Pinckney
ChartsLeonard Pinckney
Birth*13 Aug 1699Colonel Charles Pinckney was born on 13 Aug 1699 at Charles Town, South Carolina, United States of America
He was the son of Thomas Pinckney and Mary Cotesworth
Marriage*15 Sep 1726Colonel Charles Pinckney married Elizabeth Lamb on 15 Sep 1726 at London, England,
Occupation*circa 1730Colonel Charles Pinckney was Lawyer circa 1730. 
Occupationbetween 1736 and 1740He was Speaker of The House Of Assembly between 1736 and 1740. 
Occupationcirca 1740He was Councillor to the King circa 1740. 
Marriage*27 May 1744He married Elizabeth Lucas on 27 May 1744 at Charles Town, South Carolina, United States of America; The Marriage Certificate was issued on 25th May 1744 and signed by Governor Glen. 
Occupationbetween 1752 and 1753Colonel Charles Pinckney was Chief Justice between 1752 and 1753. 
Occupationbetween 1753 and 1758He was Agent of the Colony of South Carolina. As a result he moved to England with his family. He returned in 1758 with his wife and daughter leaving his sons at Westminster School. between 1753 and 1758. 
Will*13 Feb 1756He left a will on 13 Feb 1756; And to the end that my beloved son Charles Cotesworth may the better be enabled to become the head of his family, and prove not only of service and advantage to his country, but also an honor to his stock and kindred, my order and direction is that my said son be virtuously, religiously, and liberally brought up, and educated in the study and practice of the laws of England; and from my said son I hope, as he would have the blessing of Almighty God, and deserve the countenance and favour of all good men, and answer my expectations of him, that he will employ all his future abilities in the service of God and his country, in the cause of virtuous liberty, as well religious as civil, and in support of private right and justice between man and man; and that he do by no means debase the dignity of human nature, nor the honor of his profession, by giving countenance to, or ever appearing in favor of, irreligion, injustice or wrong, oppression or tyranny of any kind, public or private; but that he make the glory of God and the good of mankind, the relief of the poor and distressed, the widow and the fatherless, and such as have none else to help them, his principal aim and study.

I do also direct that my beloved son Thomas Pinckney shall have the same virtuous, religious, and liberal education, out of my estate, with his brother; and although I cannot yet direct to what profession he shall be brought up, yet I have the same good hopes and expectations of him as of my eldest son; and I desire as soon as he is capable of reason and reflection, he be informed thereof, and that a passion for the same noble and virtuous pursuits be inculcated in him as in his elder brother. 
Burial*1758He was buried in 1758 at Charles Town, South Carolina, United States of America
Death*12 Jul 1758He died on 12 Jul 1758 at Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, United States of America, , at age 58. 


Elizabeth Lucas b. 28 Dec 1722, d. 26 May 1793
Children 1.Major General Charles Cotesworth Pinckney b. 14 Feb 1746, d. 16 Aug 1825
 2.George Lucas Pinckney b. 14 Jun 1747, d. 29 Jun 1747
 3.Harriett Lucas Pinckney+ b. 7 Aug 1748, d. 19 Dec 1830
 4.Major General Thomas Pinckney b. 23 Oct 1750, d. 2 Nov 1828
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