Philip Pinckney

Male, Person Number1208, b. 1796, d. 21 October 1806
RelationshipsGreat-uncle of George Pinckney
Great-nephew of Robert Pinckney
8th great-grandson of Thomas Pynkeney
20th great-grandson of Guermond Picquigni
4th great-nephew of Roger Pinckney I
1st cousin 5 times removed of Philip Pinckney
Birth*1796Philip Pinckney was born in 1796. 
He was the son of Phillip Pinckney and Elizabeth Pyke
Baptism9 Jun 1796Philip Pinckney was baptized on 9 Jun 1796. 
Burial*1806He was buried in 1806 at St John's Church, Berwick St John, Wiltshire, England,
Death*21 Oct 1806He died on 21 Oct 1806. 
Last Edited26 May 2004