Ivy Beatrice Stockwell

Female, Person Number34, b. 5 September 1924, d. 16 May 1992
Ivy Beatrice Pinckney nee Stockwell
1924 - 1992
FatherGeorge John Stockwell
ChartsJoseph Pinckney of Yorkshire

Birth, Marriages and Death

Birth*5 Sep 1924Ivy Beatrice Stockwell was born on 5 Sep 1924. 
She was the daughter of George John Stockwell
Married Name4 Mar 1945 As of 4 Mar 1945,her married name was Pinckney. 
Marriage*4 Mar 1945Ivy Beatrice Stockwell married Ronald William Pinckney, son of William Pinckney and Hilda Lilian Hull, on 4 Mar 1945 at St Matthew's Church, Enfield, Ponders End, Edmonton, England, ; jan-feb-mar 3a 1796.1,2
Death*16 May 1992Ivy Beatrice Stockwell died on 16 May 1992 at 8 Humber Close, Rayleigh, England, , at age 67; may.3

Other Information

Address1945 As of 1945, Ivy Beatrice Stockwell lived at 10 Exeter Road, Ponders End, England.  
Occupation*1945She was Clerk in 1945. 
Address*1949 As of 1949, Ivy Beatrice Stockwell lived at 1 Duck Lees Lane, Enfield, England.  
Anecdote*21 Dec 1965Ivy took her husband to court to have him removed from the house.

Child of Ivy Beatrice Stockwell and Ronald William Pinckney

Child 1.Kathleen Pinckney


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