Captain Erlysman Charles Pinckney

Male, Person Number123, b. 23 December 1871, d. 28 November 1954
Captain Erlysman Charles Pinckney
1871 - 1954
Relationships2nd cousin of George Pinckney
1st cousin 3 times removed of Aaron Pinckney
3rd great-nephew of Robert Pinckney
10th great-grandson of Thomas Pynkeney
22nd great-grandson of Guermond Picquigni
6th great-nephew of Roger Pinckney I
1st cousin 7 times removed of Philip Pinckney
FatherErlysman Charles Pinckney b. 15 Dec 1838, d. 31 Jan 1920
MotherFrancis Elizabeth Mary Cusack b. 22 Jul 1853, d. 21 Sep 1889

Birth, Marriages and Death

Birth*23 Dec 1871Captain Erlysman Charles Pinckney was born on 23 Dec 1871 at Chestnuts, Lansdown, Charlcombe Bath, England, ; jan-feb-mar (1872) 5c 731.1
He was the son of Erlysman Charles Pinckney and Francis Elizabeth Mary Cusack
Christening13 Feb 1872Captain Erlysman Charles Pinckney was christened on 13 Feb 1872 at Berwick St James, England,
Marriage*3 Aug 1898He married Agnes Ponsonby Adair on 3 Aug 1898 at St Swithin's Church, Bathford Parish, Bath, England, ; jul-aug-sep 5c 957.2,3
Death*28 Nov 1954Captain Erlysman Charles Pinckney died on 28 Nov 1954 at Trowbridge, England, , at age 82; oct-nov-dec 7c 543.4


Census1881*3 Apr 1881Captain Erlysman Charles Pinckney appeared in the 1881 census at Lower Wraxhall, Bradford On Avon, England, ; RG 11 / 2051.5
Census1901*31 Mar 1901He was listed as head of household in the 1901 census at Queen Anne Mansions, St Margarets, City of Westminster, England, ; RG 13 / 95.
Census1911*2 Apr 1911He was listed as head of household in the 1911 census at Duckmead, Bradford Upon Avon, England, ; RG 14 / 11983.5
Census1939*29 Sep 1939He appeared in the 1939 census at Duckmead, Bradford Upon Avon, England, .

Other Information

Education*29 May 1891Captain Erlysman Charles Pinckney was educated on 29 May 1891 at Christ Church, Wellington College, Oxford, England, ; Oxford Men 1880 - 1892, Alumni Oxonienses. 
Occupation*31 Mar 1901He was Mechanical Engineer on 31 Mar 1901. 
Occupation2 Apr 1911He was Justice of the Peace on 2 Apr 1911. 
Occupation29 Sep 1939He was a Territorial Captain Retired on 29 Sep 1939. 
Reference*12 Oct 1984Reference: Newpaper article on 12 Oct 1984.

Children of Captain Erlysman Charles Pinckney and Agnes Ponsonby Adair

Children 1.Commander Erlysman Patrick Hamilton Pinckney b. 3 Jun 1902, d. 23 Oct 1943
 2.Frances Jeanie Helena Pinckney b. 7 Jul 1905, d. 1962


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