Descendant Chart of William Pinkney of Silton Paynell, Yorkshire
This family has been put together based primarily on a document called Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire. This give family trees for many families who lived in the area at the time. It was originally created in the mid 1600s by William Dugdale and was transcribed in the late 1800s into several volumes by John Willliam Clay.
In addition there is a passage in The History of the County of York, The Parish of Leake. This shows the descendants of land owners over the years. The only discrepency between the two is that Christopher is described as a Grandson whereas I believe he was a Great Grandson but since it states that the information is vague around that time it is not inconceiveable that it is incorrect in one small detail.
We also have several wills from family members.
All this information has been collected and dates assigned such that everyone and their dates of birth, marriage and death do not contradict any of the sources. It is my best approximation based on all of the information available.
William Pinkney
b. circa 1430
Robert Pinkney
b. circa 1460
Ann Conyers
b. circa 1460, m. 1481
Richard Pinkney
b. circa 1482
Alison Duile
b. circa 1482, m. 1503
Richard Pinkney
b. circa 1505
Eleanor Danby
b. circa 1505, m. 1528
Christopher Pinkney
b. circa 1529, d. before 1 Jun 1574
Isabel Smith
b. circa 1530, m. circa 1552, d. circa 1575
Anne Pinckney
b. circa 1553
(?) Belt
b. circa 1570, m. circa 1573
Lancelot Pinckney
b. circa 1555
Dorothy Pollard
b. circa 1550, m. circa 1575
Francis Pinckney
b. circa 1576, d. circa 1656
Eleanor Spenser
b. circa 1575, m. circa 1596, d. Feb 1601
Dorothy Pinkney
b. circa 1598, d. before 1650
Richard Kirke
b. circa 1610, m. circa 1620
Christopher Kirke
b. circa 1622
Ann Maleverer
b. 26 Feb 1579, m. circa 1604
William Pinkney
b. circa 1606
Catherine Talbot
b. circa 1625, m. 1630
Francis Pinkney
b. circa 1633
Christopher Pinkney
b. circa 1641
William Pinkney
b. circa 1647
Catherine Miles
b. circa 1656, m. circa 1680, d. circa 1685
Catherine Ashley
b. circa 1660, m. circa 1690
John Pinkney
b. circa 1692
Dorothy Pinkney
b. circa 1694
Anne Pinkney
b. circa 1696
Jane Pinkney
b. circa 1698
Lancelot Pinkney
b. circa 1607, d. 1682
Mary Metcalfe
b. circa 1625, m. circa 1645
Frances Pinkney
b. circa 1610, d. before 1650
Edward Thoresby
b. circa 1620, m. circa 1630
Gawyn Pinckney
b. circa 1578, d. circa 1585
Christopher Pinckney
b. circa 1580, d. Sep 1638
Elizabeth (?)
b. circa 1590, m. circa 1615, d. after 1650
Margery Pinckney
b. circa 1582, d. Jun 1651
James Pinckney
b. circa 1557
Anne Pollard
b. circa 1562, m. circa 1583
Leonard Pinkney
b. circa 1585, d. circa 1590
Margery Pinkney
b. circa 1587
Leonard Pinckney
b. circa 1561
William Pinckney
b. circa 1563
William Pinkney
b. circa 1532
Leonard Pinkney
b. circa 1534